6 Cities to visit in Belgium

Belgium is a small but amazing country to visit in the heart of Europe. There are just a small list of countries where you can pass by some cities and find hidden gems that aren't even explored by the mainstream tourists. Here is just a small list of cities you can't miss. Enjoy! Antwerp Source... Continue Reading →

8 Coolest Bookshops around Europe

Physical bookshops are going out of business. While the buyers find online shops with better deals and good customer service, these cool bookshops thrive. Let's check the list for these awesome hidden gems in the city. Word on the Water - London Source We start with a floating bookstore. Located in the canals of London,... Continue Reading →

A FlixBus Review

After using this bus for about 8 times during my Erasmus, I wanted to do a review of them. They started operating in 2013 and started a huge expansion in 2015/2016 with major routes and buses. They state they revolutionize bus travel around Europe and I agree, with some of the great features that I... Continue Reading →

4 Points where rivers meet in Europe

There are amazing places in Europe where the rivers don't merge. A lot may agree that traveling to these locations just to see different contrast of rivers it's not worth it. I think the different colors provide beautiful scenery to those who take time to appreciate it.  In this article you can find 4 situations... Continue Reading →

How to travel on a budget

This guide is for those of you who want to travel on a budget but still want to have a plan in place. Couchsurfing and hitchhiking are also alternatives when you want to travel on a budget, but this is not the article to talk about that. So, let's see the tips I have written... Continue Reading →

10 Amazing European Borders

Countries are one of the oldest ways to separate different types of people. In a time when Europe has almost no border controls, the borders are now abandoned and available for everyone to see! In this article you will find 10 amazing borders around Europe. Belgium and Netherlands If you are in Belgium and want... Continue Reading →

10 Airport Sleeping Tips

So, if you have a layover, canceled flight, snow storm or any other problem, it's really good to be prepared for a good night sleep at the airport terminal. Here are 10 tips about how to pass your time and how to be well prepared. Let's check! Bring Amenities Eight hours of sleep is easy... Continue Reading →

5 Cities to visit on new Year’s Eve

If you decided to spend your New Year's eve traveling to other countries, check here my top 5 cities to celebrate the new year! On this list there aren't any cliches, only amazing times in less crowded towns. Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal Source Portugal has two different archipelagos. In the Portuguese island of Madeira, they... Continue Reading →

7 Breathtaking Cinemas in Europe

Watching a movie is all about the experience. Surround sound, popcorn, a big screen and comfy seats is what you are used too. However, while traveling to another country, you might want to take a seat and enjoy a movie on these crazy cinemas! Let's check the list. Hot Tub Cinema - London With four... Continue Reading →

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