Win 10€ with N26 Bank

To win 10€ in your bank account you just need to install, open and spend 20€ after opening an account on N26. Use the code "ca68610@n26" on the link to win! I can't think of the best way to start your Erasmus than winning 10€ just by opening an account with N26. N26 it's a new... Continue Reading →

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How to find the cheapest flight

Everyone knows Skyscanner, Momondo and Kayak. They are mainstream platforms to find cheap flights but, in my opinion, they have some limitations that every budget traveler needs. I will share with you a new platform made just for us, budget travelers! Remember to check my last post regarding cheap flights. Great Escape is a new... Continue Reading →

How to Find Vegan Restaurants Nearby

Studying or living abroad as a vegan shouldn't be a challenge. That's why you have an app and website that specializes in finding vegan restaurants nearby! Covering more than 190 countries, this is the perfect place to search for a local café or restaurant near you or anywhere in the globe. From 1999 that HappyCow... Continue Reading →

T for Travel #26Reasons

Today I'm going to share the bank I use on my day to day basis, N26! A bank who let's you open an account in just 8 minutes, a bank that understands customers and a bank for the future! Today, launching their new campaign called The alphabet, according to N26, different #N26CampusCrew were given some... Continue Reading →

Best Hostels in Portugal

Every year Hostelworld publishes a nice article with their Hoscars. They know a hostel can be one of the factors that you think when liking or hating a city. Based on their 12 million reviews, they publish the best hostels where you can have the best chance of gaining new friends, having new travel stories... Continue Reading →

How long does food last?

It's your first time out of the house and you have meat in the fridge for a week. You are on a budget and you are not sure if the meat is spoiled or not, but you don't want to call anyone. Luckily, now there's a weeksite you can use to be sure! Eat By... Continue Reading →

4 Strange things Portuguese people do

After my post about 8 Things Foreigners Find Strange About Portugal, I wanted to give you a heads up about other strange things Portuguese people do. It's really nice to see the face of a foreigner when we try to explain each of them. Let's go. Rules of parking spaces Pictures from a post about "Parking... Continue Reading →

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