Hitchhiking in Portugal

After the post about How to Travel inside Portugal, I thought a special post about Hitchhiking would be good for Erasmus students. Hitchhiking in Portugal is not very common, but in the last years, the tourists pushed us to this new trend.

You could ask for a ride in various ways. You have numerous groups on Facebook about lifts between two cities, you have websites like BlaBlaCar and Boleia.net or you can always ask for a ride with a sign on the road. Either way, carpooling is great because you are sharing costs (sometimes the lifts are even free!) and you save the environment also!


  • Facebook Groups

It’s one of the safest ways to ask for a ride or offer one. You share Facebook profiles and it’s really hard to do a fake profile with 200 friends and pictures from 2013. Feel free to check the driver’s profile to feel safer.

Most commonly the Facebook groups will have “Boleia” (lift in Portuguese) with the name of two cities (Leiria and Lisbon, for example). If you want to go to Lisbon, from Leiria, you can check this or this group for lifts.

  • Websites

Websites like Boleia.net or BlaBlaCar are available to you. Boleia.net is better for you because it’s available in English. Unfortunately, this is not the best option to get lifts, because people that use this website are regulars and don’t trust everyone. Facebook groups are better because they offer extra security.

  • Sign on the road

Ah yes, like the good old days. It’s very common to see people with signs on the road in the summer time. People commonly ask for a ride to Coimbra, Peniche, Lisbon or Oporto. Our Erasmus students also like to ask for rides to the beaches in the summer.

Like in every city, 99% of the cars will not stop, but you only need the 1% that will stop.

Final Notes

Please don’t forget about your safety! Send someone information about the license plate, the brand, model and color of the car and, like in everything, if something is not feeling right, you should always walk away.

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