A FlixBus Review

After using this bus for about 8 times during my Erasmus, I wanted to do a review of them. They started operating in 2013 and started a huge expansion in 2015/2016 with major routes and buses. They state they revolutionize bus travel around Europe and I agree, with some of the great features that I will explain bellow.

Their Route

Flix Bus Route

They have more than 1400 destinations in 27 countries. They might have a connection for every city you want, but be careful about the price. there may be cheaper alternatives than FlixBus, with best schedules also. The good thing about the map is the ideas you can get. Just click on the starting stop and choose the destination you may like!

What they offer

Flix Bus Serivces

They almost guarantee that you will have free WiFi in all routes. However, with great WiFi comes great responsibility. They limit the WiFi traffic on every smartphone, so don’t download much stuff, because you may have your connection terminated. You also have bathrooms, but in most buses I went, the toilets were closed with a key. The driver didn’t want to open the bathroom.

They also have outlets and nice legroom, which is nice for longer routes. They also offer two free suitcases in every journey. From my experience, they don’t control the pieces of luggage you take or the weight.

They let you bring food and drinks on board, but if you forgot to bring food they offer a backup plan for you. You need to pay for those snacks, and you need to make sure you don’t make a huge mess on the bus.

Night Buses

Night Buses with Flix Bus

The best thing about overnight buses are the time you gain for traveling. They have fewer stops and less travel time. The traffic will be less, so you will have a more comfortable ride. It’s true that it’s not a bed and it’s more expensive, but you can save on hostel bookings and gain time to visit more cities! Click here for complete details and map.


You have interrail and you also have InterFlix. For 99€ you have a ticket to redeem for 5 bus routes. It averages out for 20€ per ride so check the price before booking. You can really take advantage of this if the journey costs more than 20€! They let you use the vouchers for 3 months and it’s available in every route, which is neat!

Bus Stops

Flix Bus APP

Their APP comes with GPS and map! You can see if you are at the right place at the right time. You can download their APP and even do the check-in without paper. That’s right, you don’t need to print your bus tickets! If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also check their bus stops on their website.

Travel On Time

They claim that 9 out of 10 buses are on time. Don’t get nervous if you are at the bus stop at the right time and the bus is not there. Buses suffer with traffic and weather, so they might just be late. Relax and find a place with WiFi. Their APP updates your bus journey at all times and it keeps you updated about delays.

Bus Livery

Megabus and FlixBus

I absolutely hate this, but your bus trip might be operated by Megabus, Eurolines, Polskibus or other partners. Ask the drivers where the bus is going, because you may loose a bus that’s in front of you!

Environmentally friendly

Environmental impact of travel

Last but not least. Bus is one of the cheaper and environmentally friendly than any other form of mass transportation. FlixBus focuses in their environmental impact, trying to give back to the environment what they put on the atmosphere. You can even pay to be carbon neutral!

My Opinion

I always use the cheapest piece of transportation. I had a nice experience with FlixBus overall. I also complained several times to them about the bathrooms being locked, and they offered me a voucher for more trips. I guess that they are trying to be a good reliable company, so give them a chance. Do you have an opinion regarding FlixBus? Write me at the comments bellow.

Flix Bus Ending

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