How to Travel to other countries

Portugal is an amazing country to visit but you might be feeling pressured by your friends to visit other countries. If you are feeling that way I have an article specially prepared for you! You can visit other countries by Bus, using an Airplane, train or a car. We'll pass by each of them to... Continue Reading →

How to travel inside Portugal

Portugal is an amazing country to visit. Beautiful beaches, sunny weather, restored towns, islands and mountains. But how to get there? That's what we are going to talk in this post. Buses, Train, Planes, Cars and Hitchhiking. Let's go from the cheapest to the most expensive. Hitchhiking Used by many Erasmus students on summer times... Continue Reading →

Public Transportation in Leiria

In 2016 our Bus company was renovated. To get more people to use public transportation in the city they changed the schedule, the fleet was renovated and the service changed to a better one. Now almost every bus has free wi-fi! It's not common to find an English speaking driver, so please learn a word... Continue Reading →

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