New Year’s Eve Traditions

On this Christmas day, I hope you already made plans for the New Year's Eve! We take New Year's Eve very seriously, as you will see it here. Some of them are traditions, and some of them are just things we started doing randomly. Eat 12 Raisins It's really a tradition to eat 12 raisins... Continue Reading →

Major Events in Leiria

Leiria might be a small city, but we are full of events all year round. Firstly I will write about the events that occur in every semester and, after that, I will write the events that only happen in the first semester or second semester. I know this post is very long, but it has... Continue Reading →

Map of Leiria

Today i'm gonna show you THE map of Leiria. Leiria has a map, but not like this one. On this map you can select the stuff you want. Don't want to know about hospitals or technology stores? deselect it. Want to know about everything? select everything! This map has the best places to eat and... Continue Reading →

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