Beaches in Leiria

So, I believe you are watching the sun and thinking about going to the beach, right? You are not alone! Portugal is knows for having 10 hours of sun in the summer! Amazing right? Leiria, being a city in the west, has more than 10 beaches for you to choose from! Today my job is... Continue Reading →

Gyms and Pools in Leiria

I was once an Erasmus student and, like me, I believe you want to exercise while on Erasmus. Leiria is an amazing city to run outside but, if you want, you also have an amazing choices of gyms and pools. Luxus Luxus is an affordable gym that offers everything from training alone, till group classes... Continue Reading →

Holidays in Portugal

Holidays are an important part of life in Portugal. We do work a lot, but a day off seems like a very good idea if you ask anybody. As an Erasmus student, you could enjoy a holiday travelling or go back and visit your family. It's very rare for stores to close on a holiday.... Continue Reading →

Nightlife in Leiria

Today we are going to talk about nightlife in this beautiful city. THE map of Leiria has the location of these cafes, clubs and bars. However, the location is not enough. We need to know more about these places, right? Cafes L Lounge We start with a cafe that has no picture, that's right! This... Continue Reading →

Where to eat

After my post about THE map of Leiria, today I'm gonna talk to you about the best places to eat in Leiria. In every description, I will try to post the prices because everybody knows the system of Tripadvisor (€,€€,€€€) really doesn't say anything. Fast Food Leiria Shopping Leiria Shopping has around 18 restaurants. From... Continue Reading →

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