Where to eat

After my post about THE map of Leiria, today I’m gonna talk to you about the best places to eat in Leiria. In every description, I will try to post the prices because everybody knows the system of Tripadvisor (€,€€,€€€) really doesn’t say anything.

Fast Food

Leiria Shopping


Leiria Shopping has around 18 restaurants. From McDonald’s to Burger King, from Pizza Hut to Portugalia, here you have it all. You will spend around 5€ if you don’t want to eat too much or you choose a cheap place. Top tips: Both Alentejo and Brasa Rio have Portuguese and Brazilian dishes for 5,50€, with a student card! Burger King lets you refill your drink for free!

Leiria Plaza


Leiria Plaza is like a really tiny Shopping. You have the post office, some repair stores and fashion shops. Besides that, you also have fast food restaurants. You have a traditional hamburger, kebab and Mr. Pizza. Be expected to spend around 6€ to eat there.

Kebab House

Kebab House has the best kebabs in town, in my honest opinion. They offer a menu for 5,50€ for a pita kebab, French friends and a drink. They also have pizzas and dorum! The only bad part about this restaurant is that it closes at 22:00.

Lux House

Lux House is the kebab place I choose when I want to eat after 22:00. It’s very simple but the kebab’s are cheap (from 3€ without fries and drink) and very tasty.

O feio


O Feio is the place everyone chooses when they get out of Anubis or Suite. They have hot dogs, kebabs and bifanas starting from 1€ to 5€ depending on what you want. They aren’t the best, but what you want when it’s 2 in the morning?

100 Montaditos


A favorite place to eat among Spanish Erasmus. You have very tiny sandwiches with prices starting from 1€. However, if you are hungry you will need to eat 5 sandwiches and that puts the price above 6€ sometimes (with a drink). It’s cheap, but not so cheap if you are hungry. Also, they have a sale every Wednesday and Sunday, so the sandwiches are all 1€! Top tips: When you order sandwiches, the plate already comes with french fries, so you don’t need to order them. Ask them to serve the drink without ice, you will get more soda.



Not the best McDonald’s we have in Leiria. If you want to eat better, go to Leiria Shopping. They sometimes are lazy and the staff is not so well trained, but it’s a McDonald’s. The menus start at 4,70€ for a Hamburger menu. Top tips: If you have a student card, you can ask for a big menu for the price of the medium. Also, the ketchup in Mcdonald’s is free!.

Mr. Pizza


There are two locations, here and here. They have BIG cheap pizza. They also sell pizza by the slice and the menu is less than 5€. It’s very nice to eat here but not the best in Leiria.

Pizzaria Manjerona


Manjerona is the best pizzeria in town. They have tapas, garlic bread, pizza and pastas. They are not the cheapest, but the pizza is very tasty and it’s almost homemade! Be expected to spend 6 or 7€ per person.

O Caco


O Caco is the restaurant that uses Caco cake from Madeira in their menus. They have menus, soups, hamburgers and everything you can ask for (well, not actually, but you will see). Be expected to spend 5€ on a menu with hamburger, fries and a drink.


Monte Carlo Salvador


Don’t you judge a restaurant by its entrance, because you will be blown away when you enter. Monte Carlo Salvador is very popular at lunch hour and at dinner time! You can have lunch here for about 6€ per person and eat really nice Portuguese food. They love cooking Alheiras and other Portuguese cuisines. They are recognized by Erasmus students and young people from having “magic” wine. You drink tons of it without noticing the alcohol and then you notice you are on the floor.

Porto Artur


Porto Artur is a very nice restaurant, but pricey. They have nice regional Portuguese food, but be expected to pay about 10€ at dinner time or 7€ at lunch.

Mulligan’s Irish Bar


Mulligan’s is an Irish bar created in Leiria. They have lovely hamburgers but they are also pricey. You are excepted to pay around 8€ for a Hamburger, fries and drink. They have international beer brands but they are also very pricey. It seems like you are really in Ireland!



Yokohama is a Japanese restaurant. For 8,90€ per person you have access to an all you can eat buffet at lunch. For dinner, the price jumps to about 12€ for the same buffet. You can also take away for 6€ a box, 11€ if you take two boxes and 15€ for three boxes. Unfortunately, I don’t dare to try other sushi restaurants, but if you find a very good restaurant please tell me!

Coffee Shops

Café 32


Café 32 offers amazing sandwiches for amazing prices! The owner is the picture is holding the best sandwiches in town! They are called “Sandes à 32” and they are filled with kebab meat, french fries and salad. Then the amazing sauces come on top. That’s it! A whole sandwich with juice costs around 5,50€ You can ask for the sandwich to be cut in half (“partida ao meio”) to share between two people. Top tip: They have a “64” sandwich. It’s two sandwiches 32 (only for REALLY hungry people)!



Aromas offer good menus at affordable prices. A baguette menu for 4€ (with drink and french fries), hamburgers from 4€, salads and soups for less than 5€ it’s a good price in the city center.

Nut’ Leiria


The picture is from when it opened to the public, now is not so crowded and famous. It’s just a shop who sells stuff with nutella in them. You can have waffles, crepes, kebab, croissants and other kinds of sweets you might think of.

Fior di Latte


Ok, this is not really a coffee shop, but it sells coffee ice cream, so it’s close! The owner (in the picture) came to Leiria and build his own Italian ice cream shop. You will taste here the best ice cream in town! Be expected to spend about 3€ for ice cream.

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