Major Events in Leiria

Leiria might be a small city, but we are full of events all year round. Firstly I will write about the events that occur in every semester and, after that, I will write the events that only happen in the first semester or second semester.

I know this post is very long, but it has almost every event that our beautiful city has to give you! For more information, you can see all of the city public events here and here.

All Semesters

Brisas do Lis Night Run


Since 2013 that NEL (a Sports Association) organizes a walk and a run every Wednesday. About 100 people gather together in the center square (Praça Rodrigues Lobo) at 21H15 to do the warm-up exercises. After that, they join one of the three available route difficulties (walking, running and running through steep hills) till 23H00 to do the stretching exercises and say goodbye.

The entry is free, you just need to show up! You can join them on Facebook here for more information.

First Semester

Leiria Sobre Rodas – Leiria on Wheels


At the end of September, it’s time to remember the good old times. Every year we have a parade and a showroom full of iconic cars from history. All parts of this event are free and, if you are a car enthusiast, you need to come. You can see pictures from past events here.

Sunset Party


Every year the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria organizes a Sunset party for everyone! Drink, party, meet new people, here you can do it all. Not only you have a chance to meet your colleagues that are on Erasmus like you, but you also can meet Portuguese students who are there to have some fun too!

Receção ao Caloiro de Leiria – Freshman Event


Every year, in October or November we organize a special Freshman Event. A week full of bands, beer, drunk memories and hangovers. There is a special pack that comes with a gift and the price for this event ranges from 25€ to 30€. It’s cheaper to buy the week pack than to buy the individual tickets every day if you want to go more than 3 days. You can see more information here.

Passagem do Ano – New Years Eve



If you decide to stay in the city, you can’t miss the “Reveillon” party that every year happens here. Normally they have three different artists playing at the same time in different places and every bar is open to doing a special entry in the new year.

Again, the entry is free and the fireworks in the castle are amazing. It’s impossible to miss the party happening in the backyard of the city in such a beautiful time.


Mercado de Natal – Christmas Market



Normally for kids, this kind of events also please the adults living in the city. From November till January the city becomes illuminated with Christmas lights everywhere. You will fell the spirit entering your soul as the magic is passing through your eyes.

Also, more than the Christmas event, you will also see the famous Guinness World Record Christmas tree made of wooden pallets.

From 2015 to 2016 we changed the Christmas tree to a giant candle, as you can see here.


Prove Leiria – Taste Leiria



In Leiria we have a lot of typical deserts. In September or October, you can have the opportunity to taste all of the sweet stuff we produce locally, in this event.

Besides food, we also have a lot of show cooking’s for everyone to see and, sometimes, the ticket is paid.

Please check the details with the tourist office.

Second Semester

Semana Academica de Leiria – Academic Week


In April we also have an Academic Week for all students! Full of local and national bands, why not have another week full of beer and hangovers? There is a week pack with a free gift and costs around 30€. Again, it’s cheaper to buy the weekly ticket if you are going for more than 3 days. You can see their page here for news, prices and the chosen venue.

Desfile da Cerveja – Beer Parade


In the Wednesday of Academic Week we have a Beer Parade. Organized by the local Student Association, every course can have its own car and a limited supply of beer to throw or drink. If you want to participate you need to contact your course or, if you don’t want to be in the parade, you can just watch with your own beer!

See here pictures from the last Beer Parade.

Festa dos Museus – Party at the Museums


In April every museum fells different. The program has the objective to get more people to come and spend a good time in a museum. I know it’s difficult to spend a good time there, but you can have guided routes in daytime and nighttime, free shows, book launches, projections, art exhibits and more, for free! You only needed to pay to see an orchestra last year. That’s a pretty good deal! You can see the website of the event here.

Festival À Porta – “Door” Festival


Every year, at the end of May, the city center opens its doors to everyone! The city lights up full of people impatient to see music concerts, art exhibits, local shops, and workshops!

You can see the pictures of the festival here and the Facebook page here.

Arena Desporto – Sports Arena



Every Sunday, from March to June there is a sports event in Jardim da Vala Real. Normally they’ve got Zumba or Crossfit.

The entry is free, of course, and you just need to bring a smile on your face and a gym outfit. The event happens in the morning from 10H00 to 12H00 and everyone is welcomed to come.

From June to August the Sports Arena moves to Pedrogão beach to have tournaments in the sand, normally football or volleyball.


Feira de Maio – County Fair

03. feira_LEIRIA_2016_cartaz


Every year in May the parking lot near the city stadium gives space to the Country Fair. You can eat cheap fast food, buy cheap products or go on rides! There is rides for everyone and for every heart, so please choose everyone.

There is even a Festival in the Stadium were the most mainstream bands come to sing to an enthusiastic audience!


Leiria Festival


Here it is, every year we also have a festival while the county fair is in town. Most of the bands are Portuguese and some of them are local, from the town! The tickets are sold in the stadium and you have a discount if you buy the ticket for the three days.

Mercado da Cerveja e do Marisco – Beer and Seafood Market


Normally this event has an entry fee of some Euros. You can have great seafood while drinking a well-served beer in Mercado Sant’Ana. This event is known to attract quite a big crowd so buy the ticket early.

Feira do Livro – Book Fair


Every year (in March or April) the city organizes a Book Fair in Mercado Sant’Ana. There are generous discounts in book from different vendors (hint: Some vendors have the same book at different prices, double check in every vendor the price of the book and choose the cheapest). You can also meet some authors and a book or two is released in the book fair.

Cinema Vadio – Free Outdoor Cinema



In July the Jardim de Vala Real receives a cinema screen and a big crowd to see a movie. Normally they show an international movie and then two local movies. If you feel hungry or thirsty you can buy items in the general store near the cinema screen.

The entry is free and you just need to show up. Maybe you should bring a pillow or a quilt because you will be sitting on the grass and you might feel cold at night.


Leiria Dance Floor


In the Summer Time, if you are still here, you can see the most amazing national artists playing in the stadium. There are two days of guaranteed fun shaking your head from the beat. Unfortunately, the event is paid, and it’s not very cheap. See their Facebook page for more information.

Leiria Medieval


Three days in a year Leiria goes back in time to the medieval era. From the castle to the local square, Leiria is filled with costumes, food and the good old times, or so they say. It’s fun to watch and to eat local delicacies while you take some pictures to show your friends in your country. You can’t miss this!

Pedrogão Beach Library


Have you ever went to the beach and felt bored because there was nothing to do? Why not grab a book from the library at Pedrogão beach? Every summer we move some books from our local library in Leiria to Pedrogão, for you to read them!

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