Basic Portuguese

When I was in the Netherlands, a citizen there asked me if Portugal has its own language. IT HAS! Portuguese is in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. We don't only speak Portuguese in Portugal, but also in BrazilĀ and several African nations including Mozambique and Angola. After teaching you how to order... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Customs

We all know that going to a new country means that you will find different customs and culture. It might be strange at first, but it's like with Coca-cola when it entered the country. First you find it strange and then it becomes attached to you (horrible translation for a Portuguese slogan). I've adapted the... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Expressions

We, the lovely country you are about to visit, have a lot of funny expressions when we translate them. Below there is a list of expressions, the literal translation in English and an explanation below. I hope you like it. "Do tempo da Maria Cachucha" - From the time of Maria Cachucha We use this... Continue Reading →

Beer Brands in Portugal

For a country with 11 million people, you might find surprising the number of beer brands and types you might find here. Not only do we have some national brands, we also sell international beers at the supermarket or in bars. National Beer There are two major beer brands in Portugal, Sagres and Super Bock.... Continue Reading →

Do we Tip in Portugal?

I didn't know people had doubts regarding tipping in Portugal, so let's start a post dedicated to this issue. When tourists visit our country and don't tip, they are very happy because the waiters don't give them mean looks. I am shocked when I see people recommend tipping in Portugal, because you don't need to.... Continue Reading →

Welcome to This Great Town!

As a native in Leiria, I thought there is some lack of information regarding this great town. As I have some experience dealing with Erasmus students I will, personally, be making a lot of posts regarding this great town and Country, Portugal! Not only do we have the best football player in the world, the... Continue Reading →

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