Hi! My name is Carlos and I created this blog to help Erasmus students or Expat citizens to find their way around Leiria and Portugal. Erasmus is a wonderful experiences and I want you to take most advantage of it.

Firstly you will need me to know how to get here and rent a house. Then you will check again to see cool places to go and how to walk around town. After that you will get amazed by the posts you see of Portugal in this blog, at least its what I hope.

See this blog as your friend, because I believe it will help you a lot during your time here in this wonderful city. Please take your time and start by seeing our first post about this city.

Please contact me if you have any doubts regarding anything, I’m here to help you! If you don’t have any doubts, please say thank you to see that students are being helped by this blog.

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