Wines in Portugal

Yes, Portugal is not only about food, we also have amazing wines! I love it when an Erasmus student say to me that he/she doesn’t drink beer anymore, only wine. It’s amazing to see people enjoying our wines and talking about it. Today I am going to show you the five types of wine that we have in Portugal.



The Rosado wines offer red berry flavors with quenching acidity like lemonade. The reds/rosés are found primarily in the southern part of Minho in the sub-regions of Amarante and Paiva. Red grape varieties include Alvarelhão, Amaral, Borraçal, Espadeiro or Padeiro (quite rare).

Branco – White


Here we start to enter the Portuguese territory. Before buying a wine bottle from another country, try to experience our bottles first. Remember that every brand is different because of the different aging periods or processes. Prices start from 1,19€ on sale for a bottle of 75cl!

Tinto – Red


Another favorite type in our country. We normally combine this type of wine with red meats. You have different flavors from different bottles. You can have Tinto Beira from Beira interior, Tinto Bairrada from the center of Portugal, Tejo blends from near the Tejo river, Tinto alentejano and Tinto from the Douro valley. You can do a tasting around various cities of different wines to catch your favorite.



If I could describe Port wine in one word it would be “amazing”. From the special grapes to the traditional process of stomping grapes with feet, the Port wine really has an amazing way of being born.


Wine Folly has an amazing article about Port Wine, and I can’t continue without talking about this amazing source. You can taste Raspberry, Blackberry, Caramel, Cinnamon or Chocolate when you are drinking Port Wine, it only depends on your taste buds.


I could be here talking about all of the different variations, but this image sums it all. Remember that Port Wine doesn’t spill while it’s on a bottle. It ages while it’s on the bottle in fact!

You can taste it on its own or you can have some food with it. Port Wine it’s amazing with red and smoked meats. You could add other stuff to your glass (lemon or other fruits), but I think Port Wine deserves to be alone in the glass.

Verde – Green


These wines often have a slight spritz and fruity flavors with notes of melon, gooseberry, and chalky texture. Vinho Verde wines are made with a blend of several grape varieties including Arinto, Azal, Trajadura, Loureiro and Alvarinho. Keep your eyes peeled for single-varietal wines, particularly of Loureiro, Azal and Alvarinho which are some of the most popular grape varieties grown in Vinho Verde.

Other Variations

I based this article from here. In this website, you can find a lot of information and details about the different regions and wines that you can find there.

How to find cheap wine

The supermarket offers the best prices when it comes to wines. You can check the wine aisle for promotions every week, and start tasting and re-tasting the best ones!

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