How to Find Vegan Restaurants Nearby

Studying or living abroad as a vegan shouldn't be a challenge. That's why you have an app and website that specializes in finding vegan restaurants nearby! Covering more than 190 countries, this is the perfect place to search for a local café or restaurant near you or anywhere in the globe. From 1999 that HappyCow... Continue Reading →

How long does food last?

It's your first time out of the house and you have meat in the fridge for a week. You are on a budget and you are not sure if the meat is spoiled or not, but you don't want to call anyone. Luckily, now there's a weeksite you can use to be sure! Eat By... Continue Reading →

Basic Portuguese

When I was in the Netherlands, a citizen there asked me if Portugal has its own language. IT HAS! Portuguese is in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. We don't only speak Portuguese in Portugal, but also in Brazil and several African nations including Mozambique and Angola. After teaching you how to order... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Eve Traditions

On this Christmas day, I hope you already made plans for the New Year's Eve! We take New Year's Eve very seriously, as you will see it here. Some of them are traditions, and some of them are just things we started doing randomly. Eat 12 Raisins It's really a tradition to eat 12 raisins... Continue Reading →

A Review of Use It Maps

After traveling throughout Europe there was a map who I loved the most. Most first-time visitors of Oporto rarely go beyond the most famous tourist sites from downtown. It’s not surprising: the city is so amazing that the best places are hidden by locals. For those who have seen the main sites, have more time, or... Continue Reading →

What are “Enchidos”?

Welcome to the last post regarding food in Portugal. We love enchidos and today is time for me to teach you anything you need to know.  First of all, enchidos is a type of food that is prepared by filling animal guts (previously cleaned) with anything we want. You can buy a lot of different... Continue Reading →

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