Nightlife in Leiria

Today we are going to talk about nightlife in this beautiful city. THE map of Leiria has the location of these cafes, clubs and bars. However, the location is not enough. We need to know more about these places, right?


L Lounge

We start with a cafe that has no picture, that’s right! This Coffee Shop is open till late at night (maybe 2am) and it’s in the same street as Casulo. Rumors say that the waitresses got fed up with the way Casulo was being managed that they opened a coffee shop of their own.

Except to pay 0,60€ for an espresso, 2€ for a shot and till 2,50€ for a special beer.

Atlas Hostel


Atlas Hostel is the new place to go in Leiria. You can meet international people in there (it’s a Hostel, duh!) and have a good time in a oddly decorated place. Be expected to pay 0,60€ for an espresso coffee, 2€ for a shot and 1,20€ for a national beer.



Casulo isn’t only a place to sleep. They also have a coffee shop where you can eat. They have hamburgers, toast, sandwiches and croissants. You pay 0,50€ for an espresso coffee, 2€ for a shot and 2,50€ for an imported beer.

Nekob Maroc


Nekob is a place where you can have a shisha for you and your friends. They are expensive (10€ for a shisha) and sometimes they give you a card where you need to spend some Euros before you get out.

Rodrigues Lobo Square


Rodrigues lobo square is full of small coffee shops that have a lot of different prices. You can pay for an espresso from 0,50€ till 0,80€. You can also order beer or some cocktails and enjoy the view.




Anubis is the place to go every night, if you feed like it. Erasmus students always end up there, every semester! They open at about 22:00 and go till 03:00. They have a happy hour till 0:20 where you can get beer or some drinks with a better price for your wallet. The music changes every day, so you need to see it for yourself.

Clube Suite


Normally Suite opens when Anubis closes. It starts to get crowed at 02:00 and closes at about 06:00. You need to pay a fee to enter (3€, 5€ or 10€) and you get some drinks with that (2 or 3 vouchers with a choice of water, juice or beer). They also have two floors (sometimes they open a third one).

Guilt Leiria


Guilt is the newest club is Leiria. It’s truly amazing to have a club like this in this city. You can’t smoke in the dance floor (they have a room where you can smoke) and they give you a card to buy drinks. When you leave you just need to check out the card and pay what you need. The entrance ranges from 1€ to 5€, depending if you have a bracelet or not. You can buy bracelets from people on the street in front of Anubis or in the city main square.


Pátio do Barão


Pátio do Barão is open till 02:00 and offers a lot of drinks. You can even buy a bucket of beer! They have cheap prices and good environment outside.

Filipes Bar


Filipes is one of the best bars in Leiria. They have cheap prices (sometimes the prices are even cheaper when they have a beer sale) and a very nice staff. They offer anything from coffee or beer till a cocktail or a gin. Be expected to pay from 0,50€ for a coffee till 1,50€ for a Heineken or 3€ for a cocktail. On Fridays they often have live music, so please show up and have a taste of free live music in your Erasmus city.

Final Notes

There are a lot more places to go and discover, but these are the most important and iconic ones. Please contact me if you feel like I should add more places. This city is always changing, and so are the places that I’ve got here. The prices shown may change, so please check the menu before you order something.

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