How long does food last?

It's your first time out of the house and you have meat in the fridge for a week. You are on a budget and you are not sure if the meat is spoiled or not, but you don't want to call anyone. Luckily, now there's a weeksite you can use to be sure! Eat By... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Eve Traditions

On this Christmas day, I hope you already made plans for the New Year's Eve! We take New Year's Eve very seriously, as you will see it here. Some of them are traditions, and some of them are just things we started doing randomly. Eat 12 Raisins It's really a tradition to eat 12 raisins... Continue Reading →

Wines in Portugal

Yes, Portugal is not only about food, we also have amazing wines! I love it when an Erasmus student say to me that he/she doesn't drink beer anymore, only wine. It's amazing to see people enjoying our wines and talking about it. Today I am going to show you the five types of wine that... Continue Reading →

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