Living in Leiria – What does it cost?

I know it’s very important to know the costs you might have in your Erasmus city, so this post is for you! Luckily Numbeo has an estimate of the costs in Leiria, but I also want to add costs that are not on the website. If you want to live cheaply consider 350€ per person, but if you want to go to parties in clubs and spend a lot on alcohol in there, push that to 600€ or 800€. It really depends on your availability to save money.


Beer 0,20L: 1€;

Entrance in a disco: From 1€ (Guilty, with bracelet), 5€ (Suite) to 10€ (Kiay);

Cigarettes: From 3,90€ to 5,60€;

Shots: From 0,50€ to 2€.


Monthly pass in a bus: 17,25€;

One way ticket in the bus: 1,30€;

Diesel: 1,30€/lt;

Petrol (98): 1,50€/lt;

Bus ticket to Lisbon: 10,90€.

Fixed costs

Apartment rent: 110€ (without utilities) to 200€ (with utilities);

Pre-paid mobile plan: 10€;

Gym: From 20€ to 60€.

Food & Drinks

Big Mac regular menu (free ketchup): 5€;

Coffee: 0,50€ to 1€ (espresso);

Meal in a restaurant: 6,50€;

Ham & Cheese sandwich in a coffee shop with juice: 2€ to 3€;


Bottle of wine in the supermarket: from 2€;

Monthly expenses with food at home: Starting from 100€ (buying things on sale and not buying expensive meats or a lot of alcohol);

National beer case (20 beers of 25cl or 24 beers of 20cl): 10€ (only on sale);

French baguette: 0,40€;

Milk (1lt): 0,50€

Frozen pizza: 2€;

Tuna can: 0,70€.

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