New Year’s Eve Traditions

On this Christmas day, I hope you already made plans for the New Year's Eve! We take New Year's Eve very seriously, as you will see it here. Some of them are traditions, and some of them are just things we started doing randomly. Eat 12 Raisins It's really a tradition to eat 12 raisins... Continue Reading →

What is “Praxe”?

I promised you to speak about Praxes in the article of Harry Potter. Before going any further, I want to say that I am totally against what students do in "Praxe". But, as always, I will be totally unbiased to talk about this issue. Please have your own opinions in the end of this article.... Continue Reading →

Portuguese Customs

We all know that going to a new country means that you will find different customs and culture. It might be strange at first, but it's like with Coca-cola when it entered the country. First you find it strange and then it becomes attached to you (horrible translation for a Portuguese slogan). I've adapted the... Continue Reading →

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