How to travel on a budget

This guide is for those of you who want to travel on a budget but still want to have a plan in place. Couchsurfing and hitchhiking are also alternatives when you want to travel on a budget, but this is not the article to talk about that. So, let's see the tips I have written... Continue Reading →

5 Cities to visit on new Year’s Eve

If you decided to spend your New Year's eve traveling to other countries, check here my top 5 cities to celebrate the new year! On this list there aren't any cliches, only amazing times in less crowded towns. Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal Source Portugal has two different archipelagos. In the Portuguese island of Madeira, they... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons to visit Coimbra

One of the top 10 largest cities in Portugal and halfway between Lisbon and Porto you can find the charming city of Coimbra. Coimbra has one of the world's oldest universities and it's a colorful, hilly and riverside city. The University Source The University was established in 1290 and today is a UNESCO World Heritage... Continue Reading →

Things to do in Portugal

After my post aboutĀ Things to do on ErasmusĀ to get some ideas, now you can also read about things to do in Portugal. This article will give you some ideas if you're bored or if you want to do something different. Let's read! Go to the Zoo Source The Lisbon zoo is located near the bus... Continue Reading →

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