Street Art Towns in Portugal

Street Art is a true amazing tendency that flooded our country. Nowadays artists from around the globe come here to enhance what we have to offer. So, open your eyes and read this amazing article with good tips. Estarreja Source Estarreja created a street art route inspired by Bordallo II. You can see the amazing... Continue Reading →

Things to do on Erasmus

Every semester we receive thousands of students just like you. All these students may now know what to do with so much free time, so here's a list with some ideas. You can copy this list or you might push your creative mind and build an amazing to do list! Travel If you never traveled... Continue Reading →

Welcome to This Great Town!

As a native in Leiria, I thought there is some lack of information regarding this great town. As I have some experience dealing with Erasmus students I will, personally, be making a lot of posts regarding this great town and Country, Portugal! Not only do we have the best football player in the world, the... Continue Reading →

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