6 Incredible Places in Europe you Haven’t Heard Of

With almost 800 Million people living in Europe, there’s a lot of different cultures that are all amazing to learn. Centuries of history spread through all the continent with amazing places to see. There are, indeed, amazing cities to visit in Europe. Almost hidden gems from major tourist floods.

Lake Bled – Slovenia

Lake Bled - Slovenia


Slovenia lodges an amazing cozy lake that will take your breath away. It’s considered by most to be the most romantic lake in the world and the place to visit before you leave the country. It’s recommended to take a boat ride in the Pletna boat to the island located right in the middle of the lake.

Plitvice Lakes National Park – Croatia

Plitvice national Park


Croatia is a small hidden gem in Europe. Currently, the Plitvice National park should be on top of your bucket list when visiting the country. This UNESCO Heritage Site is famous for its breathtaking views, natural beauty and stunning collection of lakes.

Hallstatt – Austria



The small Austrian town of Hallstatt is truly breathtaking. It’s considered one of the most beautiful town in Europe, and they are right. This town is a World Heritage Site and it’s known by having the oldest salt mine in the whole World. Take time to enjoy your vacation with a tour of the cave and around town.

Brno – Czech republic



The second largest town in Czech Republic is full of amazing things to do, to see and to taste. The beer is truly one of the best and the town’s landscape if full of statues and cozy buildings for you to spend your good vacation. Enjoy your time on a restaurant that serve beer in a train, a beer stock exchange and a nuclear shelter!

Sopot – Poland



This small town on north of Poland is full of amazing activities for you to do. Take time and ask for fish in a restaurant, walk around town and see the crooked house or the pier!

Rotenburg ob der Tauber – Germany

Rotenburg ob der Tauber


This German town is considered by most as the most preserved medieval town in Europe. Next time you pass through Germany, don’t miss this hidden gem right in the heart of this country.

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