Street Art Towns in Portugal

Street Art is a true amazing tendency that flooded our country. Nowadays artists from around the globe come here to enhance what we have to offer. So, open your eyes and read this amazing article with good tips.


Street Art Estarreja


Estarreja created a street art route inspired by Bordallo II. You can see the amazing creations in the municipal park of Antuã. After the finished creation on the picture above during ObservaRia – Urban Art Festival, artists around the globe left their mark in the city. Check more about the story here.


Aveiro Street Art


We’ve already spoken so much about Aveiro and there’s a reason for that. Aveiro has so much to offer to tourists. The image above comes from the artist Vhis, that started developing an interesting way of creating new designs. Everything can be done if you have the creativity for it, and he uses a lot of unusual tools to carve his amazing creations.

Figueira da Foz

Figueira da Foz Street Art


The once ugly and grey Figueira da Foz is now changing to a more vibrant and cozy town. Every year the FUSING Culture Experience creates new street art, sculptures, murals and everything you can imagine. Every year the city get’s filled with creativity from the community, which is very nice.

Check more about the project here!


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Viseu is famous for its rich cultural heritage, with unique food and outstanding wines. The old abandoned buildings are bursting with new cool creations from street artists on the community. Wine is the main subject since the wines are so famous throughout the region.


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Covilhã can be far from the coast but it’s becoming a very interesting urban place thanks to the Wool Fest – Covilhã Art Festival. The festival honors the glorious past of this city as one of the most important wool producing cities in Portugal (since it’s in the mountain).


Fundão Street Art


Fundão might be far from the coast, but it’s a nice cozy small town. It’s kind of a secret location with nice street art for you to see. Take time to enjoy the art created by the community while you taste the magnificent cuisine and meet new people.

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