Public Transportation in Leiria

In 2016 our Bus company was renovated. To get more people to use public transportation in the city they changed the schedule, the fleet was renovated and the service changed to a better one. Now almost every bus has free wi-fi!

It’s not common to find an English speaking driver, so please learn a word or two of Portuguese. Also, if you don’t wave to the bus he will not stop and, on the bus, you need to touch the stop button to ensure the bus stops at the desired bus stop.

mobilis 1

They have an English website which is very nice. They even have the prices and the routes in it. Because this might be confusing I will explain every detail of it.


Each bus has a different route, so you need to know which route to take, or you will take a trip around town. Lines 1 and 2 have opposite routes and line 9 is much faster (it has fewer stops). Please note that every route starts in front of the Jose Lúcio theater and Pingo Doce (here, near the long journey buses). When you arrive you will see the bus and you can go there. Because their website does not have a map of the routes, I draw one for you!

But, how do you know which bus to take?

Each bus will have a huge card with the number and the color. If the card was stolen (yes, it happens) you will see the bus number on the electronic information board on top. You also have two types of buses, a minibus, and a normal sized bus.


Line 1 – Green – Line 1 route

Line 2 – Red – Line 2 route

Line 9 – Black – Line 9 route



Believe it or not, the price of a Single ticket may cost more than a bus ticket in Amsterdam or Berlin. However, as an Erasmus student or an Expat citizen, you have better offers like the Prepaid tickets or the Monthly pass. You only need to pay attention to the Single ticket, Daily ticket, Prepaid tickets, and Monthly pass because the other options are for senior citizens and people that live around Leiria (and not in the city center).

There are two cards that you need to buy to use these kinds of tickets. The prepaid ticket card cost 1€ and the monthly pass card costs 7€. The monthly pass is very good if you use the bus a lot of times in a month.

Where to buy the card

You need to buy the card in the bus company headquarters, here. They will make a card for you in 20 minutes.


Each route has its own timetable. Please pay attention to the last bus to ensure you do not return home on foot. On the website you will find a timetable for each route you want to take. Don’t forget that line 2 has an opposite route of line 1!

schedule 1As a user of public transportation, I can ensure you the buses run almost always on time, so please be at the bus stop at the right time. In the schedule, you will only find the time the bus passes the first stop, the middle stop (in ESTG – Campus 2 of IPLeiria) and the time he returns at the first stop. The bus company does not publish the time the bus is going to pass each stop, but after 3 or 4 days of using the bus you will know the average time you need to be at your bus stop.

On the weekend, line 1 only operates in the morning (line 2 operates all day) and we don’t have buses on Sunday. We also do not have buses on public holidays, so please don’t wait alone for the ghost bus.

schedule 2

In the months of July and August (vacations from school), the schedule is much lower in every route, so please pay attention to the changes in summer.

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