Welcome to This Great Town!

As a native in Leiria, I thought there is some lack of information regarding this great town. As I have some experience dealing with Erasmus students I will, personally, be making a lot of posts regarding this great town and Country, Portugal!

Not only do we have the best football player in the world, the best football coach, the best secret island, but also we won the Euro in 2016 and we won the Eurovision Song contest (finally!).

If you are an Erasmus student or an Expat living in this city or country for some time, feel free to read and ask me anything. I am here to help you in any doubt you might have. Meanwhile, you might find interesting the posts I have specially made for you. The posts range from doubts regarding the drinking water that comes from the tap to where to travel and secret places not to miss in this beautiful country.

It doesn’t matter if you come for Erasmus or to have a great retirement in Portugal, you should not miss the amazing landscape and weather we have. We even have beautiful islands, that are still secret to most of the world!

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One thought on “Welcome to This Great Town!

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  1. I’m not a native, but Leiria is my city college and I’ve lived there, so far, three years. Even though it’s not as big as Lisbon it has some pretty cool stuff to visit.
    I’m very excited to see what posts you’l bring to the table!


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