Best mobile plans in Portugal

In June of 2017 the EU launched a new rule that eliminated Roaming almost completely. You can see an explanation of the law here. If you want to use a local mobile plan in this country, you have 3 different companies to choose from.


WTF (NOS), Moche (Altice) and Yorn (Vodafone) are the 3 mobile companies that will help you communicate with your friends in Erasmus and in your country. Before buying a card you should speak with colleagues so that everyone stays in the same company. It’s better to stay in the same company because you have unlimited calls and texts to other numbers from the company.


About the prices? Remember that we have only 3 major mainstream mobile companies? Well, they have an Oligopoly on the market, and all of them charge almost the same. The picture above shows you the different prices between mobile companies, so you need to choose the card you want based on the benefits.


If you charge your balance at a shop or in a kiosk you will pay a charging fee that ranges from 0,30€ till 1€, depending on the company you choose. Of course, it’s free if you pay at the ATM, home banking (you need a Portuguese bank account) or at the machine in the mobile store.



Basically, the pictures say it all. I can show you the website but we only have it in Portuguese. The 2 movie tickets for the price of 1 is only available in NOS movie theaters (we do not have them in Leiria).

They take the money off your card monthly, and not weekly like the other two.



Moche does not offer any free movie tickets. The rest is the same as WTF. So, for 2,25€/week you get 500MB/month to spend on what you want (they don’t count the megabytes you spend on the apps listed above) and you also get 500 minutes or SMS (a month) to spend on other networks.



Vodafone is the one that offers less for the same money. The 2,25€ a week gives you 500Mb/monthly and also 10000 minutes/SMS/MMS a month to other Vodafone numbers and 100 minutes/SMS a month to other networks.


You have these apps that don’t count to your 500MB/1GB/5GB monthly data plan. They are unlimited (but they have a 5GB data plan limit for you to spend).

Final Notes

There is no universal best mobile plan. You need to see what is best for you and buy the best option. With the EU roaming law, you also may not need a mobile plan here in Portugal.

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