Best Hostels in Portugal

Every year Hostelworld publishes a nice article with their Hoscars. They know a hostel can be one of the factors that you think when liking or hating a city. Based on their 12 million reviews, they publish the best hostels where you can have the best chance of gaining new friends, having new travel stories... Continue Reading →

A Review of Use It Maps

After traveling throughout Europe there was a map who I loved the most. Most first-time visitors of Oporto rarely go beyond the most famous tourist sites from downtown. It’s not surprising: the city is so amazing that the best places are hidden by locals. For those who have seen the main sites, have more time, or... Continue Reading →

The myths behind Harry Potter and Oporto

J.K. Rowling only spent two years in Oporto as a teacher, but the myths surrounding this magnificent city and Harry Potter started to grow and are present still today. Unfortunately, Mythbusters didn't do a show about J.K Rowling, but I will do their job today.  Salazar Slytherin = António de Oliveira Salazar, the Portuguese dictator? Since the... Continue Reading →

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