Is Portugal Safe?

If you are planning your vacation or Erasmus, you should know a bit about safety in Portugal. There are things in this article that we are proud of, and others we can improve! Let's check the details! Global Peace Index Portugal has ranked 4th in the Global Peace Index. As a comparison, Spain is ranked... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Pickpockets

Pickpockets are everywhere. While traveling or walking around your home town, you might have your valuables stolen. I will show you in this article some things you can learn to ensure you will not "lose" your valuables. While they are everywhere, you can mostly find them in the most touristy cities in Europe. Barcelona, Rome,... Continue Reading →

3 Best Hostels in Portugal

The website Hotelandia┬ádid a great article about finding the best hostels in Portugal. We, of course, want to give them credit for their work. Like every traveler and Erasmus student, we love hostels! All of them are unique and special in some way. Of course, there are both horrible and lovely stories around them, but... Continue Reading →

Lisbon’s Enormous Metro Art Gallery

Every year more than 160 million passengers use the Lisbon metro system. If you are going to work or travelling between the airport and the bus station, you might be unaware of the beautiful building that surrounds you. Take time to stop and appreciate the incredible art that it's offered everyday to everyone, for free!... Continue Reading →

8 Places to Work in Erasmus

As an Erasmus student, you might find yourself always broke. Receiving an Erasmus grant is awesome, but in some countries the grant runs out before you return to your home country. Luckily I give you 10 places to work during your Erasmus and earn some cash: Work in Your Erasmus Office Universities love to work... Continue Reading →

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