Where to buy Books Online

Buying books in another country can be a little bit frightening. Are you gonna be scammed?  Will the books have any quality? What is the cheapest place? I will help you in this article.

In Portugal there are 4 great online stores for you to choose from- They are Fnac, Wook,  Book Depository and Amazon. The first two are Portuguese stores, and we will review them all.



Fnac is a French store than came to Portugal. They don’t have a website in English and they aren’t cheap, unfortunately. The good thing about them is that, sometimes, they have really good promotions on some great books, and the payment options are also very nice.



Wook is one of the biggest online bookshops in Portugal. They have amazing sales at any time of the year and they ship really fast. You can have free shipping on orders starting from 15€, and the variety is awesome!

The only drawback is that, sometimes, the discount will be on a coupon and you need to spend that coupon code in a month. It pushes you to buy more, and they grab you that way.

Book Depository


Book Depository is an online store to buy a huge variety of books, even in other languages! They have free shipping on every item and you can’t miss it. I absolutely recommend this brand because everything is so cheap and, with free shipping, is even better for me. The items are shipped from the UK and arrive really fast! I don’t even want to talk about the bargains they have on their website, but it’s more than 50%.


Amazon is one of the biggest online stores on the planet. The Spanish version just launched a special message about Portugal. For order above 29€ the shipping is free. If you buy books, the shipping is free for orders above 19€. It’s an amazing day for Portugal, because we love buying things from Amazon. However, the only drawback is the prices, that are higher than in Book Depository.

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    1. Hi Prabu,

      Wook coupons are very rare, unfortunately. The was a Portuguese facebook group but I can’t find it now. I believe it was deleted.

      Thanks for your question!


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