What to know before renting an Apartment in Leiria

Renting an apartment in Leiria might be a very stressful situation. From finding a place to stay in a rush to living in a new space, it’s very hard for some. You might have a lot of questions and also some doubts regarding if you are being scammed or not, but fear not! Today I have a post made specially to answer all your questions!


CHEQUE002 A Voz Do Desmanipulador

A deposit is a guarantee that you will keep the room nice and tidy, and absolutely not destroy the house. Normally every landlord asks for a month in advance. When you leave the house, you just need to talk to your landlord and, if everything is okay, you get your deposit back. Ask your landlord for details regarding this, because some might want a month in advance and utilities.


Best Places


I’ve organized a My Maps with all the details regarding the hottest locations to have a house. I’ve also added the schools as a guideline for you. You can also find houses in other locations, but they might be far or not have all you want near you. Is expected that less demanded locations have a better price.



There are prices for every wallet. In the hottest places is common to pay 150€/month without expenses. If you walk away from the hottest places the price drops to 130-140€/month. If you want expenses included, the price jumps to a maximum of 200€/month. Some landlords might get greedy and ask for more than these price range, but walk away if you are not desperate.



The utilities are not usually included in the price. It’s hard to say a price without knowing the age of the appliances, the isolation of the house or the number of people living there. With that in mind, be expected to pay from 20-40€/month for each person living in the house.

What’s Included

Usually the house comes packed with normal cooking utensils, TV, iron and ironing board. However, ask for details to ensure you get what you need. Also, don’t be afraid to ask the landlord for a blanket or more pillows if you need them.

Laws you need to respect


I am sure I don’t need to remember you to keep the common areas of the building nice and tidy (don’t leave garbage outside and don’t make any noise you don’t need to).

But, inside the apartment, it’s very important that you know about the law against noise. It’s against the law to make noise from 23H till 07H. if you are caught by the police inside the house/apartment having a party, listening to music or making random noises, you might have a fine that ranges from 200€ to 2000€. If you think the fine will go to the landlord, you are mistaken.

Depending on the neighbors, they might warn you before calling the police, but they don’t need to. If the story is recurrent in that building, be expected to have the police on your door.



The picture is not fair to the good landlords that live in this city (and I’ve met a few). However, you can’t run away from the greedy landlords, because you simply don’t know.

There are landlords that just want to collect their paycheck every month (in cash!) and will not solve any problems that are happening inside the house (a dispute between two people or a leak that doesn’t stop). These types of landlords drive a BMW or a Mercedes from the current year and they milk every cent out of the house they have to rent. What? A 6 people house with only one bathroom? It’s not my problem. What? A small wardrobe? Let’s put a room in there and cha-ching, 150€ in my wallet. I could continue, but you already understand where I’m getting.

And then there are other types of landlords. They are usually older and drive an older car. They have good furniture in the house and the rooms are nice and tidy. They are focused on having the right room for you and they will answer every question you might have without needing to look at their watch. What? You don’t have 150€ today? No problem, I will pass here in a few days to collect it. A clogged toilet? I will come right up and fix it in no time. I think you understand the difference.

With or without a contract?

That’s a hard question. Most landlords will not do a contract with an Erasmus student. Normally a contract it’s just so they can be taxed for their income from real estate. However, if you have a contract, that’s very good if you need to prove to our Foreign Authority that you live here. A landlord with no contract will not be okay if he needs to sign a form stating that you are living in his house, because that means he is not taxing his income, and the government will go after him. Be careful about that.

Also, some landlords will ask for more money if you want a contract. That’s illegal.

Final Notes

As always, I hope you find this article very good and, if I missed something, please tell me!

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