9 Cities to visit in the Netherlands

Holland/The Netherlands is a nice country in the middle of Europe. In just 3 hours you can travel from one point to another, but that’s not amusing. What’s amusing is the hidden gems you might find while you are travelling by car, bus, train or on foot. Let’s check here the 9 cities you can’t miss.

  • Eindhoven



Most tourists already heard about this town, and it’s not surprising. If they want to travel with a low-cost airline, they must land in Eindhoven. Most tourists catch a ride to other cities in Europe, but in my opinion they should stay in this town at least for a day.

This town is cozy, cheap and has a nice choice of restaurants and landmarks. It’s a nice way of getting to know their culture a bit better. They also have churches with amazing history lessons and free WiFi! How cool is that?

  • Rotterdam



Strange building designs, capital of creativity, Kinderdijk and a nice Zoo with a walk through aquarium. That’s what I remember from my visit there. Again, great choice of restaurants, great places to visit and a great town to spend 3 days of your time. The Windmills are just a boat ride away with a nice tourist friendly schedule.

  • The Hague

The Hague


What about visiting a rich town like this one? You have everything here! They have their own London Eye, a beach, flea market, interesting buildings and landscapes and, of course, amazing parks to grab a snack and relax.

  • Keukenhof



To be fair, this isn’t a city. However, I included this park because it’s really important to the Netherlands. This park it’s the biggest flower park in Europe! They are open just 8 weeks per year so be sure to check this place if you are visiting between the months of March and May. The entry costs 17€ and be sure you have time to visit this. Normally tourists recommend 4 hours to visit the whole park. Click here to book your place or find more information.

  • Amsterdam



Amsterdam is… Amsterdam! With a coffee shop in every corner, visiting the whole city is surprisingly simple and quick. You can visit the Heineken experience for 16€ if you want to spend a different afternoon. The best thing about Amsterdam is the free boat service between the train station and other margins up north.

  • Haarlem



If you see the pictures you can get from this city, your jaw will drop to the floor. From the amazing windmill landmark till the cozy river that’s ripping the city in two places, this town is the definition of a hidden gem. Check the main market square, the cathedral and grab a beer from the local bar. Top tip: Choose Jopenkerk as your top location to grab a beer, because they were formally a church!

  • Giethoorn



Is your jaw on the floor yet? If not, it will be soon enough. This town doesn’t have any cars! People travel around the city by small boats! That’s why this city is called the “fairy dutch village”. You can also visit this town in winter and travel around the city in ice skates. Why ice skates you ask? Well, the river freezes and you can skate around town!

  • Groningen



Another town up north. Basically they offer great squares, parks, events, museums and a great coastline for you to see. It’s not normal to visit the coastline up north, but now you have the opportunity to do so.

  • Utrecht



And we finish with the student city of Utrecht. This town is way bigger than what I thought originally. The city is raised from the canals and each canal is different. The city is very cozy and inviting, with great landmarks in every street you pass. One day is enough to visit this city. You can even go down the stairs to see the canal near coffee shops and bars at night.


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