7 Breathtaking Cinemas in Europe

Watching a movie is all about the experience. Surround sound, popcorn, a big screen and comfy seats is what you are used too. However, while traveling to another country, you might want to take a seat and enjoy a movie on these crazy cinemas! Let’s check the list.

  • Hot Tub Cinema – London

Hot Tube Cinema - London

With four known locations in the UK, Hot Tub Cinema organizes a lot of events in random venues. With prices of about 35£/person, you can see a movie in a comfortable hot tub. You get anything like in a normal cinema (drinks, food and surround sound). Have a look at their website for tickets.

  • Cinema City – Leiria

Cinema City - Leiria

Cinema City is a known brand for designing amazing movie theaters. In the city of Leiria, Portugal, you have a Disney themed auditorium for animated movies! With prices starting for about 7€ for a 2D movie, it’s amazing the immersion this venue causes to the movie experience.

  • Grand Cinema Digiplex – Bucharest

Grand Cinema Digiplex - Bucharest

This cinema is really big! While staying in Bucharest it’s almost a sin not to watch a movie here. With prices starting from 21RON you just need to choose a movie from the huge list they have, on a day to day basis. Pay attention to the auditorium though, because you might be on a standard room instead.

  • Museum Lichtspiele – Munich

Museum Lichtspiele - Munich

This “museum” is really strange. This is a cinema designed as a museum, so you will watch movies in really strange rooms. Prices range from 7€ to about 9€, so it’s not expensive to live this experience. They have screenings for both older and newer movies, anytime of the day. If you want to save money, don’t go there on weekends, because the prices are higher.

  • Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado – Brussels

Ugc De Brouckere Grand Eldorado - Brussels

Located in Brussels, you can’t leave the city without going here. They have a huge list of movies and the auditorium receives a lot of visitors throughout the year. The prices range from 6-10€ depending on the hour and the day of the week.

  • Arena – Pula

Arena - Pula

If you have time while visiting this amazing city, you can watch an exhibition or a movie outdoors. This Arena is so amazing they even have a live cam! The price depends on the show, so check before visiting. Also, don’t forget to book online because, like you, everyone wants to be there once in their lifetime.

  • Electric Cinema – England

Electric Cinema - England

This UK cinema is a different way of watching a movie. They offer different kind of seats and beds, depending on your mood for the movie. With prices ranging for about 20-45£, it’s guaranteed that you will be comfortable during the whole movie. The beds are closer to the screen so you will finally be comfortable when you are allocated there.


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