4 Points where rivers meet in Europe

There are amazing places in Europe where the rivers don’t merge. A lot may agree that traveling to these locations just to see different contrast of rivers it’s not worth it. I think the different colors provide beautiful scenery to those who take time to appreciate it.  In this article you can find 4 situations like these in Europe.

Mosel and Rhine Rivers – Koblenz, Germany

Mosel and Rhine Rivers


The Rhine River begins its course in the Swiss Alps. This river meets the Rhive river here in Koblenz after flowing through France, Luxembourg, and Germany..

Drava and Danuve Rivers – Osijek, Croatia

Drava and Danuve Rivers


Croatia is a beautiful country full of gems for tourists to see. Here is another gem that can be seen in the town of Osijek. Danuve River passes through 10 countries and it meets the smaller Dravar River.

Ilz, Danube, and Inn Rivers – Passau, Germany

Ilz, Danube, and Inn Rivers


Passau is an amazing town that happens to have 3 rivers merged together. Ilz, Danube, and Inn have different tones of blue after they pass through different parts of Europe.

Rhone and Arve Rivers – Geneva, Switzerland

Rhone and Arve Rivers


Geneva is home to the merger of the Rhone and Arve River. Arve is much bluer than Rhone, because they passed through different areas in Europe. Unfortunately the pollution, forest or ground nutrients change the colors of the river when they pass by.


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