6 Cities to visit in Belgium

Belgium is a small but amazing country to visit in the heart of Europe. There are just a small list of countries where you can pass by some cities and find hidden gems that aren’t even explored by the mainstream tourists. Here is just a small list of cities you can’t miss. Enjoy!

  • Antwerp



One full day is enough to visit this city from top to bottom. You might be amazed by the X-mas market if you are visiting during that time, but Antwerp has so much to offer! With unique designed buildings and amazing statues, Antwerp is an amazing city just for that. But wait, there’s more! You can even check the red light district here! There is also a 10 story building with a museum and random stores. You can even study here in the 9th floor! The 10th floor is a rooftop with amazing views to the city just bellow.

  • Bruges



What about a city that has its own movie? Maybe two days will be enough to see all the amazing bridges and canals, a cannon upside down, the windmills and a church with only woman living there. The woman are very nice to tourists who respect them, so there’s no problem for a man to enter the premises.

  • Ghent



Ghent is maybe the ugliest of the three small cities that we visited (by comparison!). We recommend a minimum two day stay to see all the amazing parts of the city. A free walking tour is advised because the city is bigger and you might see the mainstream parts of the city with amazing explanations about their story and meaning.

  • Brussels



Of course, you need to see the capital of Belgium! There are things you can’t miss, like the Atomium, Brussels Park and the amazing Parlamentarium! The entrance to the Parlamentarium is free and you can see all the history of Europe around there! You can even enter the European Parliament and see the place where laws and legislation is debated from the most important people of Europe.

  • Dinant



Dinant is famous for the huge rock in the city and for the flags of European countries in their amazing bridge. The city is small, but the things you can check there are immense.

  • Sart-Tilman

Sart Canal Bridge


Ok, I only talked about this city because of the amazing bridge they built there. This is a bridge that has no cars, but tons of water and boats instead! This is an amazing piece of engineering and, of course, this translates to respecting nature above human civilization.


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