10 Airport Sleeping Tips

So, if you have a layover, canceled flight, snow storm or any other problem, it’s really good to be prepared for a good night sleep at the airport terminal. Here are 10 tips about how to pass your time and how to be well prepared. Let’s check!

Bring Amenities


Eight hours of sleep is easy at home, but at the airport it will be really hard to pass. People talking, machines working and safety announcements will totally destroy your sleeping schedule. Bring a smartphone, book, E-reader and other reading materials to pass your time.

Ensure that you are safe

Check other travelers and get in a place where you feel safe. Maybe a bathroom stall or a small corner in the opposite point of the boarding gates are ideal for you. The staff will be working near you so you might not have much issues with being robbed. Try to sleep with an eye open (not literally!) and be prepared for everything.

Get there early

You will not be the only traveler to try to sleep at the airport. The best places might be occupied by the first travelers to get there, so ensure that you get there early. If you get there really late at night, you might only have space at the floor. Also, try to see if you can check-in your hold luggage the night before and catch some sleep after passing the security checkpoint.

Walk around the airport

Walk around the airport so you can see the best place for you to sleep. It’s best to know your surroundings when you are trying to sleep in a new place. It’s horrible to sleep in an airport, but you might be surprised to find a nice cozy place and have a good time there. I recommend corners, benches or floors near outlets.

Protect your stuff

Try to sleep with your hands/arms or feet/legs attached to your own stuff. Robberies do occur, and you need to be sure you aren’t the next victim. Maybe it’s even better to attach your luggage to benches with a bicycle lock. Chinese people often do this in hostels, why can’t you do this also?

Bring Food


There’s a huge chance the airport don’t have 24 hour coffee shops or vending machines. Sometimes they even run out of food. Ensure that you have snacks and drinks to keep yourself hydrated and full. You can’t catch any sleep with an empty stomach!


The staff are doing you a favor by letting you sleep there. It’s sometimes a safety breach and it’s not recommended, but they are human and understand. However, if you don’t keep your space clean or you don’t shut up, they might escort you out.

Check the arrivals and departures hall


The two places might be completely different! Small airports often share the departures and arrival hall, but in huge airports the arrivals hall might be amazing for sleeping travelers. Remember to walk around and find the most suitable place for you.

Bring Comfortable clothes and blankets


Staff often don’t keep heating the terminal at night. This might cause the terminal to become really cold, so it’s better if you bring a warm jacket, a nice blanket and other amenities like sleeping masks and ear plugs.

Use the lounges


If you really can’t catch any sleep, open your wallet and pay for lounges. They are amazing! Food, showers, drinks, chairs, benches and even couches might revolutionize your experience. Check the details at the airport. Remember that they might be a new experience.

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