4 Points where rivers meet in Europe

There are amazing places in Europe where the rivers don't merge. A lot may agree that traveling to these locations just to see different contrast of rivers it's not worth it. I think the different colors provide beautiful scenery to those who take time to appreciate it.¬† In this article you can find 4 situations... Continue Reading →

10 Amazing European Borders

Countries are one of the oldest ways to separate different types of people. In a time when Europe has almost no border controls, the borders are now abandoned and available for everyone to see! In this article you will find 10 amazing borders around Europe. Belgium and Netherlands If you are in Belgium and want... Continue Reading →

7 Breathtaking Cinemas in Europe

Watching a movie is all about the experience. Surround sound, popcorn, a big screen and comfy seats is what you are used too. However, while traveling to another country, you might want to take a seat and enjoy a movie on these crazy cinemas! Let's check the list. Hot Tub Cinema - London With four... Continue Reading →

How long does food last?

It's your first time out of the house and you have meat in the fridge for a week. You are on a budget and you are not sure if the meat is spoiled or not, but you don't want to call anyone. Luckily, now there's a weeksite you can use to be sure! Eat By... Continue Reading →

4 Strange things Portuguese people do

After my post about¬†8 Things Foreigners Find Strange About Portugal, I wanted to give you a heads up about other strange things Portuguese people do. It's really nice to see the face of a foreigner when we try to explain each of them. Let's go. Rules of parking spaces Pictures from a post about "Parking... Continue Reading →

Strange Google Searches about Portugal

While I was looking at the Google trends website I reached a curious conclusion: People search for strange things about Portugal! Today we'll see what people like you, surfing on the web, search about Portugal. Thanks to Google Autocomplete this task was very easy for me. I will try to answer everything! Portugal is very... Continue Reading →

Is Portugal Safe?

If you are planning your vacation or Erasmus, you should know a bit about safety in Portugal. There are things in this article that we are proud of, and others we can improve! Let's check the details! Global Peace Index Portugal has ranked 4th in the Global Peace Index. As a comparison, Spain is ranked... Continue Reading →

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