How to travel on a budget

This guide is for those of you who want to travel on a budget but still want to have a plan in place. Couchsurfing and hitchhiking are also alternatives when you want to travel on a budget, but this is not the article to talk about that. So, let’s see the tips I have written just for you!

Make your own food


Maybe 10€ for a hamburger in McDonald’s it’s just not for you. When travelling to expensive countries like Switzerland, France, Germany, Island, Denmark or Sweden, it’s better to book hostels with a kitchen or an Airbnb with cooking facilities.

I know you are travelling and you get to your accommodation tired, but pass by a supermarket and grab some pasta and minced meat. In 10 minutes you have a nutritious dish with not much of an effort.

Be flexible…

…in every way possible. Don’t book plane tickets around holidays and always choose to travel during off season. Check the low-fare calendar of every airline possible and start making plans. The plan is to visit the countries with the cheapest fares. Also, don’t be picky about dates. You only need to be picky about the time you get there. Remember that a 23:00 flight might be cheaper, but the flight at 7:00 gives you one more day!

Take food from the Breakfast Buffet


I like to book hostels with amazing breakfast buffets. There’s nothing like starting the day with a nice meal! After eating all you wanted, drop your embarrassment and start packing sandwiches for lunch and snacks. Be generous and make sure you have enough. If you don’t eat everything you brought with you, give it to a homeless person. They will be very happy, for sure.

Take a night bus/train

Flix Bus Ending

If you are planing to travel by bus or plain, prefer to choose a night bus/train. It might cost more money, but you will earn more time to travel during the day and you will save a night of accommodation. Top tip: If you never tried this before, don’t be greedy and check the city by day and travel by night. You never get enough sleep on a bus, so don’t push it. Remember that you are travelling, not working.

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Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia, Wizzair, FlixBusEcolines, LuxExpress, Norwegian, Wow air and Fly4free are amazing websites for you to know the best deals around Europe and other places around the globe.

Exchange your money the smart way

Hungarian Florins

Never never never exchange your money at the airport or at the train station. If possible exchange your money in a good neighborhood away from the city center. Even better: Withdraw money from the ATM using the bank exchange rate instead of the store exchange rate.

Airport Transfers

Flix Bus

When booking a flight, you might be faced with 2 or 3 airports to land. You need to be smart about this! For example: You have a flight landing in Warsaw Chopin for 100€ and a flight landing in Warsaw Modlin for 99€. It’s cheaper to fly to Warsaw Chopin, because the bus ticket from Modlin to Warsaw city center costs about 5€.

Always search for the transfer costs and distance to the city center. Paris Vatra is 300km away from Paris. Milan Bergamo is 60km away from the city center! Even Paris Beauvais is 90Km away from the city center. Remember that train/bus journeys might face delays due to traffic or weather, so please make sure you have enough time.

Do you know more tips? Comment below!


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