How powerful is your passport?

Unless you want to travel to some parts of Europe or other continents, a passport is not really needed. However, if you need a passport, it’s good to know what liberty your nationality gives you. Your passport can have a major effect on your travel plans and time abroad!

Every year Henley & Partners releases their passport index, ranking every country based on the countries one citizen can visit without a visa. According to their passport index in 2019, Japan in in 1st place followed by Singapore with 190 destinations.

In Europe it’s best to hold and passport from Finland or Germany, since it gives 188 destinations without the need of a visa.

At the bottom is Afghanistan, with only 25 destinations with visa-free access.

Top 5 of Henley Passport Index 2019:

1- Japan and Singapore – Visa Free access to 190 destinations;

2- Finland, Germany and South Korea – Visa Free access to 188 destinations;

3- Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg – Visa Free access to 187 destinations;

4- France, Spain and Sweden – Visa Free access to 186 destinations;

5- Austria, Netherlands and Portugal- Visa Free access to 185 destinations.

Bottom 5 of Henley Passport Index 2019:

103 – Yemen – Visa Free access to 33 destinations;

104 – Pakistan and Somalia – Visa Free access to 31 destinations;

105 – Syria – Visa Free access to 29 destinations;

106 – Iraq – Visa Free access to 27 destinations;

107 – Afghanistan – Visa Free access to 25 destinations.

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