Canteens of Polytechnic of Leiria – A Review

This is not a normal post. You can assume that, by writing this post, either the food in the school cafeteria is horrible or it’s amazing… Let’s see the review in this post!

Luckily, during your Erasmus you have the opportunity to try some of our normal food in the school cafeteria. Each school has it’s own cafeteria (the technology and management school has two) and they offer food at very affordable prices!

By eating at the cafeteria, you have the right to eat a complete meal! The complete meal includes soup, main dish (meat, fish or vegetarian), bread, dessert (fruit, sweet or yogurt), juice or water and a buffet of salads. Check the picture above to see the quantity of food!

In regards with prices, the Pre-bought ticket costs 2,65€ while the ticket bought the same day costs 2,90€. The difference is to ensure you plan ahead and not make them waste food.

In regards with the quality of food… It’s great! Because I don’t eat fish, I can only review meat, but they taste really nice. The rice is good, the roasted chicken is restaurant quality and the soup it’s really tasty also. You have also the choice to eat unlimited salad, and juice! You get a lot from your money!

The menu (in English) for all schools is available at this link. You can also see the different schedules and see if the canteen is open or closed. Please remember that canteens might close during vacations or holidays so always ask.

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