Win 10€ with N26 Bank

To win 10€ in your bank account you just need to install, open and spend 20€ after opening an account on N26. Use the code “ca68610@n26” on the link to win!

I can’t think of the best way to start your Erasmus than winning 10€ just by opening an account with N26. N26 it’s a new bank that was founded in 2013. Since then, it now serves more than a million clients worldwide and it has more than 500 employees in Barcelona, Berlin, and New York.

What is N26?

N26 glasses

N26 is way more than a bank account. It’s a disruption to the current banking system. They offer a bank account exclusively online to a target that doesn’t mind to have a different relationship with their bank. Unlike other banks, you can change your PIN number infinite times in the APP, you will receive instant notifications when you make a purchase and you can block your card while you don’t need it. The APP is absolutely free and the account will be very fluid and user-friendly.

Everyone can open an account, even in your home country! You just need to have your passport in hand and take 10 minutes of your time to do the process. After entering everything you just need to wait a week to receive your free MasterCard at home!

Check here the list of Best Bank Accounts in Portugal. However, I believe N26 it’s the best option out there for you!

Remember, we deposit 10€ in your bank account just by spending 20€ with the app. Use the code “ca68610@n26” on the link to win!

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