Curve – The only card you need to carry – Get £5 bonus

The title doesn’t come from me, but from Curve, a new fintech startup that claims their card is the only one you need to carry on your wallet. Unlike Revolut, N26 and other online banks, Curve focuses on merging and managing all your cards and purchases into a simple FREE app. Get £5 with the code BEST1 while signing up.

The card

Curve card types

You can chose Curve Blue or Curve Black when you sign up at their app. Both cards support your Visa & MasterCard cards, free exchange rates, free withdrawals and the possibility of going back in time! The Curve Black option gives you 1% cashback at 3 retailers, and Travel and Gadget insurance! Curve Blue is free while Curve Black costs €9.99/month.

Check here for more details and read below the amazing features Curve has for us!


– Exchange rates: Normal banks charge fees for using your card in other currencies. With Curve, you will have Fee-free spending in more than 200 currencies. You can save money travelling, spending the fees you saved on thing you want;

– Going back in time: Your bank charged a fee for a withdrawal at an ATM? Change that card! After your purchases, you have 14 days to change the card you were charged!

– Security: Their data is encrypted with military-grade security! You also have Curve Customer Protection that gives you an extra layer against scam retailers;

– Control your card: You will have a notification for every time you use the card. You can lock the card anytime you want and you can see the PIN that came with the card;

– Insurance: With Curve black you have Travel and Gadget insurance. Check more details here;

– Use your credit card more regularly: Some retailers don’t have deals with credit card companies since they charge heavy fees for every purchase. With Curve, you can link your credit card and start using the card everywhere, increasing your benefits with the credit card company;

– Curve Cash: Check here the 3 retailers you can choose to earn Curve Cash with.

Curve Receipts

Curve Receipts

Another amazing feature is the email receipts option you can activate on your app. If you are like me and don’t remember the purchases you made, you can take a picture of the receipt (in the app) and attach that picture to the transaction! It’s amazing to see the details of your spending.

Try Curve & Get £5 Bonus


Download your Curve app for Android or iOS. Register using the code BEST1 to get £5 added to your account.

You will receive your card by post, in a beautiful package. You activate the card and that’s it., you can add cards to your account.

To verify that card is actually yours, Curve charges a small amount (refunded at the same time) with a code in the description for you to insert in the app. After that, the card is linked to your account.

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