T for Travel #26Reasons

Today I’m going to share the bank I use on my day to day basis, N26! A bank who let’s you open an account in just 8 minutes, a bank that understands customers and a bank for the future!

Today, launching their new campaign called The alphabet, according to N26, different #N26CampusCrew were given some tools to write about what the N26 is for them. For me, it’s for Travel. Why Travel? Well, this blog is build for travelers that come to Portugal. I am proud to have readers from all across the world, and this article is made just for you, a backpacker who wants to save money while experiencing different cultures.

Who is N26?

N26 is a disruption to the current banking system. They offer a bank account exclusively online to a target that is young and likes being updated. Unlike other banks, you can change your PIN number infinite times in the APP, you will receive instant notifications when you make a purchase and you can block your card while you don’t need it. The APP is absolutely free and the account will be very fluid and user-friendly. The amazing thing about this bank is that you receive instant notifications when you make a purchase!

Everyone can open an account, even in your home country! You just need to have your citizen card in hand and take 10 minutes of your time to do the process. After entering everything you just need to wait a week to receive your free MasterCard at home!

Their pricing is also amazing. With your free Mastercard you can withdraw money 5 times a month, for free, if you use Euros.  The purchases with the card are free, in any currency! Goodbye pocket money, you have a golden card now! Open an account now and start saving for anything you want!


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