What happens to food that doesn’t sell, in Portugal?

As time passes, Portugal is becoming more and more conscious about wasting food. There are no recent stats about Portugal, but the European Commission raised some alarming numbers: 88 million tonnes of food waste are generated annually. If you think about it, there are a lot of things that contribute to this food waste. Some buyers buy more than sufficient food for their household, leading to waste. Difficult in anticipating the number of clients in their restaurants, high-quality standards (in veggies and fruit) or poor storage.

Portugal, like other countries, wants to put a stop on this! In recent years, there was an increase in initiatives to stop food waste. We will name a few in this article, but the main goal of all of them is to stop food waste. It’s easy to think about it, really. There are people suffering from hunger every day. Why not give these people the food that isn’t sold in restaurants or supermarkets?

Special Labels

Source 1 | Source 2

Some supermarkets like Lidl (in the left) and Continente (on the right) started to put special stickers in their products. Lidl put’s an orange sticker with a 30% discount on products that are almost reaching the eat by date. Continente gives you a pink sticker with a special price (reaching 50%, for example)!

These stickers almost become a part of our lifestyle. It’s combating food waste while saving money! You can almost get premium products for dirt cheap prices! You just need to be fast enough to be the first person to pick the product. First come, first serve basis!

Good After

Good After Logo

Good After is a special supermarket. They sell exclusively online and ship to the whole country. It keeps their fixed costs down, passing the savings directly to you! They are very special because they only sell products that are close to their consumption limit or that have problems in the packaging. You can find tomato paste with a consumption limit of a few weeks and, on the same website, you can find cookies that have a Christmas decoration. They are sold with a hefty discount (20-70%) because they are not accepted in the regular stores.


Refood Way of Thinking

Re-food is defying the odds of handling the logistics of food waste. They count on volunteers to do food runs around restaurants, hotels, and supermarkets to collect excess food they didn’t sell and share with the community. In this case, the most needed are fed, while the excess food didn’t go to waste. While they count on food waste to subsist, they believe food waste shouldn’t exist, and they do their best to combat this issue.

Why not make the best of your Erasmus by volunteering for a good cause? Re-food exists in all major urban areas, and they are always searching for volunteers! Volunteer, give back to your new community while meeting new people and combating a world problem. What do you think about it?

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