Is Portugal Safe?

If you are planning your vacation or Erasmus, you should know a bit about safety in Portugal. There are things in this article that we are proud of, and others we can improve! Let’s check the details!

Global Peace Index

Portugal has ranked 4th in the Global Peace Index. As a comparison, Spain is ranked 30th, France is ranked 61st and Netherlands is ranked 23rd. Portugal is the cheapest safest country on the list, making it a trendy destination among tourists and Erasmus students. Unless you are coming from Iceland, New Zealand or Austria, Portugal is safer than your home country.

Safety In Town

In major cities (like Lisbon, Porto or Faro) there is mainly small theft like pickpocketing. Pickpockets are a problem in Portugal, but it’s nowhere like the pickpockets in Barcelona or Paris.  You should pay attention to where you are going because you have shady places you don’t want to visit. You can ask for places to avoid at any tourist office (hint: those part of towns are not touristy, so you won’t get there by accident).

In smaller towns, you can be more relaxed because they are less crowded. You may also find a lot of warming people that will help you with anything you might need. They also have pickpockets, but everyone is looking for the tourist so you should be fine.

While visiting every town, you may want to be extra careful while taking pictures or paying for stuff. You should always be aware of your surroundings and take care of your belongings, especially in crowded places and while using public transport.

Living Safely

Police officers per 100.000 people

The above image is the number of police officers per 100 thousand people living in the country. Portugal is above average to ensure their citizens, tourists and expats are safe. Tourists love Portugal so much they decide to retire here! Algarve is the most chosen among English expats. You may also find other expats in Porto, Lisbon or even the Azores islands!

Final Notes

Pay attention to suspicious activity and, if you have things in your pockets, only use the front pockets to store valuables. If you rent a car, keep valuables and backpacks away from eyesight. Again, living in Portugal is really safe, but it’s not necessary to abuse your luck.

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