5 Best and Worst Things About Returning Home on Holidays

The countdown to Christmas has started and you’ll be back home is just a few days to reunite with your parents. It’s time to start packing and saying goodbyes to your university friends and travel back to your old life.
Going home on holidays can be both devastating and amazing, depending on the perspective. Let’s check what’s all about!

Best – Reuniting with your pet

black and white cat

There’s nothing better than to see your old pet back home. You know that you missed him a lot (and he missed you too). No one will ever love you as much as your pet, and he will show you that by the excitement he gets when you arrived back from your stay abroad.

Worst – Answer Questions

adult blond board brunette

You’ve grown a lot in so little time, but your parents don’t know that. You’ll need to get used to the old chore of telling them where you are going, with who and what time do you arrive back at home.

Best – Home Meals

person serving pasta

There’s nothing like food cooked at home. You even had dreams of having your favorite food, and now you can have time to taste it! What about food nutritional values? Yes, the food mom cooks for you is real!

Worst – Family drama

adult affection baby child

There’s nothing like the horrible experiences and traumas you have from family arguments. Yes, they argue a lot, even on Christmas. Of course, they needed to do this on Christmas Eve, and not on any other day…

Worst – Chores

person using mop on floor

Did you clean your room during your Erasmus? We know that the maid that cleans the community kitchen should have a special place in heaven because we know how bad the kitchens get.

You will have to clean your room again and do dishes, and everything like that. Are you tired and jet lagged? Doesn’t mind, you will always have chores.

Best – The Smell of Laundry

We all know that you buy the cheapest detergent just to have money for booze and traveling, but your parents care about the smell of clothes. Their washing machine does wonders giving a special smell to clothes. Also, your clothes will be ironed for the first time in months!

Best – Having your Best Friends Near You

backlit dawn foggy friendship

The memories you had together are rising again. Hanging out with your best buddies will be awesome, just like your remembered! The only difference is the fact that you will handle alcohol way more easily, right?

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