How to Avoid Pickpockets

Pickpockets are everywhere. While traveling or walking around your home town, you might have your valuables stolen. I will show you in this article some things you can learn to ensure you will not “lose” your valuables.

While they are everywhere, you can mostly find them in the most touristy cities in Europe. Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Liston, London, and Amsterdam. From international gangs to your neighbor, everyone can be a pickpocket, so you really can’t trust no one.

Where are they?

Chelas metro station

Pickpockets usually hang out on public transportation (like metro, buses and train stations), restaurants, beaches, and tourist hot spots. It’s very important that you pass these places with extreme caution. Keep reading because I will give you top tips while you are traveling around.

They aren’t a shady man like you would think either. There are more children that you would think. Most people think that children wouldn’t steal so they can reach your pockets without your knowledge. They also can’t be arrested, since they are children and don’t carry ID’s most of the time. Pickpockets can be dressed in a suit to be disguised as wealthy people.

Pickpockets usually work in groups. Normally one of them distracts you, the other reach your pockets/purse to take your valuables and then they walk away, after giving your valuables to a 3rd person in the group. So, don’t trust charity workers, crowds in the metro or train station or even people behind you in escalators. Also, it’s very important to keep your purse/backpack really tight around your body, since some pickpockets use a scooter to steal your bag in seconds.

Are you a target?

Pickpockets usually look at you with a risk-reward ratio in mind. They normally target tourists, people with a lot of luggage, Chinese and other wealthy people. The targets are distracted, usually by taking pictures or just hanging out and they present a good risk-reward.

How to protect yourself?

Well, you should pay more attention to your belongings. Always keep an eye on your luggage, keep your belongings on the front pocket, secure your backpack/purse, zip your bags all the way and keep your phone away from the table. To ensure you are really secure, wear your backpack on the front side of your body! Just keep in mind that you will lose the access (and view) of your front pockets.

Final notes

You will love every country you visit. If you read this article till the end, you will have a good haste-free vacation. Of course, you should be suspicious of everyone who approaches you, to ensure your belongings are safe.

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