Black Friday in Portugal

Black Friday is an amazing time to purchase the phone or tablet that you always wanted at low low prices. However, if you think Portugal has the same policy as the US, you are wrong. You can see crowds of people racing to get into the store, but they are only looking, hoping for that amazing price that they will never get.

Unfortunately, Black Friday in Portugal usually means discounts of 20% or 30%. Last year, a lot of stores started to advertise Black Friday a month before, so imagine what they spent just in marketing, jut to have a few products with good prices.

fnac_thumbThe story is even worse when customers realized the stores raised prices a week before to have bigger discounts.

Fortunately DECO launched a website specialized into telling you if you are getting a good deal or not.

On that website you can search for prices for weeks or months before, to see if it’s interesting for you to buy that item or not.


In the example above you can see a TV with a real discount of 85€ and not 600€. There are prices that are even higher with Black Friday than without it.


But there are also good deals. A PS4 with two games for 219€ conquered a lot of teenagers and adults that rushed to the stores to buy that amazing new console, just in time for Christmas!

FNAC launched a promotion also, a PS4 with two remotes and four amazing games for 299€, amazing!

If you think the national big brand stores do not have interesting prices, you can also check international stores like Amazon because they also have good deals and free shipping (from

To get good deals I’ve written some tips:

  • Keep checking the price online and in the store: Sometimes the price is higher during Black Friday than in a normal campaign;
  • Check international stores: Sometimes, even with postage fees you can get an even lower price;
  • Use tools to compare prices between stores: KuantoKusta is an amazing one;
  • Check local stores: Sometimes the prices in local stores are even better than in big brand stores.

I hope you liked my article and, like always, have a great time in Portugal!

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