3 Best Hostels in Portugal

The website Hotelandia did a great article about finding the best hostels in Portugal. We, of course, want to give them credit for their work. Like every traveler and Erasmus student, we love hostels! All of them are unique and special in some way. Of course, there are both horrible and lovely stories around them, but that’s an issue to another article.

So, let’s see out Top 3 best hostels in Portugal! We checked them all and we only give you the best ones. They seem to try their best into giving the best customer experience while they are in their home.

Azorean Urban Lodge

Azorean Urban Lodge

This lovely accommodation is also a synonym for a Unique Hostel Experience. They are located right in downtown and they are in a restored building. They also offer a pool for their clients and they are going green! They have a lovely staff that focuses on your happiness and that you have a good time on São Miguel island, in Azores.

Lost Lisbon Cais House

Lost Lisbon Cais House

This hostel is beautifully located right near the river in the newer part of town. They are also in a restored building and they offer a cozy atmosphere to their clients. They normally receive solo travelers so it’s also a good excuse to meet new people! They also have other hostels in Cascais and Sintra.

Aveiro Rossio Hostel

Aveiro Rossio Hostel

The coziest atmosphere of them all. This accommodation offers good value for money with their nice design and good environment. Aveiro might not be big but they are located right in the heart of the city center. Grab your city map and go sightseeing with tips from their staff.

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