12 Amazing Tips for Every Traveler

Since it might be your first time travelling, it’s necessary to note some tips that you need to know before booking and planning your trips around Europe and abroad. I compiled a lot of tips from travel bloggers (and some of the my own) to have a great time abroad!

Rethink your Accommodation

white and black mattress fronting the mountain

Try and book a room or an apartment instead of a hotel room. Remember that you are visiting a place to have the whole experience. Sometimes, by booking a hotel room, you might distance yourself from the local culture, cuisine and people.

Learn to Pack the Essentials

woman walking on pathway while strolling luggage

Remember that, the more you pack, the more you need to drag across town. Why not pack the essentials only and make space for some souvenirs that you will remember for the rest of your life?

Save on Flights

selective focus photography of person holding passport with ticket

Why not expand your horizons by travelling to new cheap countries. Yes, Paris might be your dream destination, but there are a lot of cities where you can travel and fall in love. It’s also cheaper to fly to cheaper countries than to your dream destination.

Also, try a low cost airline like Ryanair, Easyjet or Transavia. For a two hour flight, it doesn’t make any difference if you choose a low cost airline. Just remember to look out for the fees and you will not have an unpleasant experience.

Choose your Seat Wisely

people sitting bus seats

When you put you luggage on the trunk, try to sit on the same side to see if your luggage is being stolen before your arrive at your destination. A shocking number of backpacks and trolleys are stolen everyday from buses around the world.

Avoid Language Struggles

selective photo of photography

Have a translation app on hand to avoid hassles when speaking with natives. There’s nothing worst than being lost and couldn’t find anyone who can help you with directions. Prepare yourself for the worst.

Bring Copies of your Documents

It’s very important to bring copies of your documents to show your consulate or the police if you lose them or they get stolen. Please do this to avoid major problems by being in a foreign country without your passport.

Must Have Stuff

You shouldn’t pack everything in your hand luggage. Get bigger pockets to ensure you can have, at least, a cell phone, boarding pass, credit card and some cash with you. If your hand luggage get’s stolen or mistaken by another one, at least you will buy yourself some time.

Be Social

photo of women taking picture

It might be your only time in the country. If you are travelling alone, making new friends brings a great feeling on you. You might even find your soulmate or a friend for life. It’s a great moment to pass time and improve your social skills.

Choose the Right Time (Or Bad)

If you travel off-season you will get huge benefits. The countries you visit will be less crowded and more authentic and, of course, everything will be cheaper. You will have more experiences with the same budget by doing virtually nothing. Just don’t forget to bring a coat.

Save on Meals

kitchen and dining area

Push by your creativity and go to a supermarket. If you are staying in a hostel with a kitchen, you can buy everything you need to cook your meal right in their kitchen. Just be aware that you are not the only one thinking that way, so you may encounter a full kitchen once you arrive from the supermarket.

Too lazy to cook? In the supermarket on in cheaper restaurants you have a take-away option! If you chose that option, you can always have a nice picnic in from of a park (what a view, right?).

Pic a Central Accommodation

There’s nothing worse like wanting to go out at night and have to walk or catch a bus to get there. It might be more expensive to stay downtown, but sure it gives you more liberty to head out at night!

Bring Good Music

close up fashion female girl

Your headphones are your friend when it comes to passing time. Instead of being bored, you can just have a good time listening to your own tunes. You might even make a new friend on the bus/plane/train.

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