8 Reasons to visit Coimbra

One of the top 10 largest cities in Portugal and halfway between Lisbon and Porto you can find the charming city of Coimbra. Coimbra has one of the world’s oldest universities and it’s a colorful, hilly and riverside city.

The University

Coimbra University


The University was established in 1290 and today is a UNESCO World Heritage University. Every year more than 10000 students enter this university to take their undergraduate degrees. It’s one of the most prestigious universities to study at and one of the most authentic to visit.

The university has a special baroque library with about 60 000 books. Most of them are written in Latin before the 18th century. They even use small bats for pest control that eat insects and prevent the books from being damaged. After exiting the building, please take your time and visit the beautiful garden and the Michael’s Chapel.

The Students

Coimbra Students


Like in the Harry Potter movies, the students walk across campus with black wool capes year round. To wear this custom outfit the student needs to submit to rituals (called Praxe) until he is “converted” to one of them. You can even join a band to spend your time and make good memories. If you have more questions, feel free to check our guide about Praxe. Without their students, Coimbra becomes an empty city.

The Gardens

Coimbra Garden


You have so many green spaces in this city! Near the River you have a Green Park with a beautiful bridge and a grass bear. But if you like plants, you also have a botanical garden near the university.

The Shopping Centers

Forum Coimbra


Coimbra it’s also very nice if you want to buy new things. You have the major national stores represented in Forum Coimbra, with a cinema and a nice viewpoint to the city of Coimbra. In the city center you have Alma Shopping inside the stadium. It’s a very nice shopping also to buy some stuff you might need.

The Street Art

Coimbra Street Art


Of course, if you are in a city full of students, it’s normal to see floods of street art in the buildings. I only show you the picture above, but there’s a whole album of street art in the city center for you to find.

The Buildings

Coimbra Buildings

Coimbra it’s a real old city. The streets are very tiny to walk around and you’ll need a new pair of legs after a whole say of walking between the hills.

However, the buildings are really authentic and they give a nice cozy feel to this town. Normally the residential areas are full of rental properties to students.

They are really tiny from the inside too, which provides creative way of storing your stuff inside your room.

The River

Mondego River


Mondego river splits Coimbra in two. The tap water from Leiria comes from this river, so it’s very important around the region. The river provides an amazing place to walk, take pictures, run or just pass your lovely day.

The Queima

Coimbra Parade


Every year the whole university have a huge party for everyone. The whole city stops and just party night and day. International bands arrive in Coimbra to provide the music you need to have a good time with your friends. The venue is usually in a park near the river, so you will have nice music while you have the river in the background.

During the week you also have a nice parade with a lot of beer, food and music. It’s very interesting to see the culture that we really love and embrace, year after year. Everyone can take part of this amazing parade!

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