The Apps to Have during your Erasmus

If you are going on Erasmus, you will find these apps below very useful on your everyday life. It will make your life easier in every way. For translating, for exchanging money, for checking opinions and for… everything I guess.

  • Google Translate

Google Translate Logo

If you are going to another country where you don’t know the language, Google Translate will make your life much easier. Sure, young people might know how to speak English, but what if you need to know the difference between salt and sugar in the supermarket, or there are only older people in that location? Some older people might even want to talk to you, so a translating app will be very useful. Don’t worry about mobile data because you can download the translations to use offline.

  • XE

XE Logo

Do you think 10 Polish zlotys for a Coca-cola is expensive? What about 300 Hungarian florin for a coffee? This Currency app will tell you the daily exchange rate for the currency of your Erasmus country.

  • TripAdvisor

Trip Advisor logo

Are you visiting a new city and don’t know if that restaurant is good or cheap? Log into TripAdvisor and see honest reviews and find new restaurants. You might even drop your own review of a particular restaurant, sharing your experience!

  • Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

Google Maps is another amazing tool for travelling. The old paper maps are now pretty much useless, but mapping apps like Google Maps offers users the chance to see where they are. You can download the map and use it offline, while you are trying to find your hostel in the middle of the night between the streets of Budapest.

  • Ryanair – Easyjet – Transavia



Or any other airline app. It’s very useful because you can book flights, check your future flights and check-in. No printer nor paper needed, just your smartphone. Ryanair offers you the chance to print your check-in paper for free if the app is experiencing problems at the airport. How nice is that?!?!

  • Booking – Hostelworld



Don’t know the location of your hostel? Fortunately Hostelworld and Booking put all the details on a convenient app for your to use. Enter your accommodation and get into your bedroom faster with the booking reference on the tip of your finger!

  • Runkeeper – Runtastic



Getting in shape or maintaining your figure is one of the most important talks during your Erasmus. With an app you can track your speed, distance and route, and compare yourself with your friends! Lacking motivation? The app will help you find it!

  • N26 – Revolut



Normal banking card are full of fees when you travel abroad. Why don’t you open an account in a bank from the 21st century? These banking apps don’t charge fees for using your cards abroad. More money for beer, right? Open up an account with N26 now!

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