How to Find Cheap Flights?

Every student studying abroad loves to fly and visit new places. I think this article is very important because the more you save the more you have to spend when you reach your destination! After reading a lot of articles I believe I can do an article with tips to find cheap flights.

  • Incognito is your friend


Incognito will hide your location and your IP address. Airlines love to increase flight prices when you search for more than 2 or 3 times for the same flight. Some airlines even give different prices for the same flight depending on your location.

  • Use Skyscanner or Momondo

These two websites help us find cheap flights for places we never heard of! You will just need to put your starting city and the algorithm will find a cheap flight just for you! Keep your mind open, because your dream location will be a few clicks away!

  • Use the Airline Website

Please don’t trust third-party sellers your precious money. Momondo or Skyscanner love to advertise cheap fares that don’t exist or, indeed, might lie to you. Please trust only the airline website when booking your trip. You will have a guarantee from the airline and, in case something goes wrong, the airline needs to speak directly to you.

  • Fly during Weekends

Airlines know that businessman love to travel home to be with their families. That’s why flights on Friday cost more money on Friday than other days. Choose to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or during the weekend to ensure a cheap flight.

  • Go on Vacation when Everyone else is Working

Almost nobody has time to fly during the low months of October, November or March. Airlines will still fly during these months, but with a lower number of passengers. What’s better than visiting a new location that has almost no tourists? Even better than that are the prices that are cheaper during these months.

  • Take your time to book the flight

adult book business cactus

Both Momondo and Google flights let you create price alerts of a designated flight. You can choose to book the flight later in hopes of having a better price in the future. Remember that the prices change according to demand, passengers booked on that flight and even weather! Just remember to book when the prices suit your wallet.

  • Be flexible

If you want to fly cheap, you will need to fly at night or during sunrise. The best fares are during random and not so cozy times.

  • Book Flights During the Morning

silver macbook pro

Everyone loves to arrive from work and go searching for flights. Remember that prices during dinner and night could be more expensive than during the morning after. Airlines know that they can increase prices when everyone is searching for them.

Final Notes

Airlines are always changing their algorithms, but I believe this guide will let you save money during the future. Just remember that these times might save you a lot of money while booking flights.

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