8 Places to Work in Erasmus

As an Erasmus student, you might find yourself always broke. Receiving an Erasmus grant is awesome, but in some countries the grant runs out before you return to your home country.

Luckily I give you 10 places to work during your Erasmus and earn some cash:

Work in Your Erasmus Office

Flags Europe

Universities love to work with International students. If you like new challenges and want to work in an international environment, there’s nothing better than working there. You will earn experience and you will earn some money. Ask your international office if they accept resumes and deliver yours. You’ll never know.

Being a Public Relations

Public Relations

If you are popular and love meeting new people, public relations fits you perfectly. You’ll love receiving free drinks and, if you work very well, they might want to hire you to continue working with them after your Erasmus. Ask your local bar if they hire people who want to talk about their business on the streets. They’re always accepting people to walk around town and offering bracelets.

Be a Translator


There are always businesses offline and online that want to export their products. Take advantage of that by offering translation services. You’ll receive a nice chunk of cash and, for them, you will help a lot!

Work in a Coffee Shop


If working as a public relations or a bar it’s not for you, you can try a coffee shop. They are always hiring people and you’ll speed up learning the language. They usually accept part-times and new people, so you’ll have a good chance to work there for your whole Erasmus.

Work in a Hostel


If you don’t mind scrubbing toilets, cleaning the beds or just checking-in customers, you’ll love working in a Hostel. They are always hiring new people and what’s more international than to have a foreign worker? The pay will also be very good and you’ll meet a lot of people.

Be a Freelancer


If you don’t want to compromise some hours of your life, you can always freelance. This works specially well if you are a designer or speak a demanding foreign language. The pay is not bad and you will be free to do what you want while you are receiving a fair share of money.

Be a Teacher


There’s always people wanting to learn a new language. Try to find out who wants to learn a new language and give them some lessons! You will earn a lot of experience and you will also receive some money. There’s no better teacher than a native speaker.

Be an Entrepreneur


There’s always contests for students that have an idea and want to see them grow. If you have a good idea give it a try and fill a business model. You might be surprised if you receive a prize for sharing your idea with teachers. It’s always a good idea if you are up to the challenge and if you like to learn some management lessons.

So, what’s your dream Erasmus job?

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